Splendide immagini di Gerusalemme del I secolo e della Piscina di Siloe


Ancient Jerusalem - First Century Jerusalem Market PavilionsHill of Calvary (Golgotha)Phasael TowerHippicus TowerMariamne TowerHyrcanus MonumentHerod's BarracksClick here to view the illlustrationHerod's PalaceUpper AgoraHasmonean PalaceXystus MarketPalace of AnnasHerod's Theater Palace of CaiaphasTomb of King DavidDyers QuarterWilson's ArchRobinson's ArchWestern WallAdiabenian PalacesSynagogue of the FreedmenSports HippodromePool of SiloamHuldah GatesTomb of HuldahTemple FacadeAntonia FortressPool of BethesdaAlexander Jannaeus MonumentJerusalem RoadsTomb of AbsalomGihon SpringTunnel of HezekiahHakeldama - Field of BloodFirst Century Jerusalem - RoadsSerpent's PoolWestern RoadHinnom ValleyKidron ValleyTyropoeon ValleyNew CityUpper CityJerusalem's Lower CityCity of DavidMount of OlivesDamascus GateNew CityKidron ValleyPilate's AquaductHerod's BridgeJerusalem TempleCourt of the GentilesCourt of the GentilesGolden GateIntroductionKidron BridgeWallsWallsJerusalem's WallsWallsLower CityWallsHyrcanus MonumentJerusalem WallsJerusalem WallsWallsJerusalem WallsPinnacle of the Temple

"Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in its splendor has never seen a fine city."Babylonian Talmud (Succah, 51b)

The Antonia fortress with Tadi gate on the right. In the front the Sheep Pool and Market.

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